Our Dream

Our Dream

It is our dream that one day G1000 is a regular event in all municipalities of the Netherlands. Once in every 2 years, a meeting of 1000 people from the community: citizens, drawn by lots, employers, government officials, politicians and free spirits. A group of citizens and representatives of the local community, together in dialogue, finding out what they mutually consider important for their community. Developing statements to be  adopted by the City Council and plans to be further developed implemented by the participants themselves. The result is an active and involved community where everyone knows where to find each other and where citizens together take responsibility for the future of their community. This way a G1000 is a solid addition to the current democratic system.

In order to realize this dream the G1000.nu Foundation was established with the aim to create space for dialogue in the existing democratic system. The foundation aims to achieve this through the following activities:

  • the (help) organize five G1000 meetings in 2015 and ten in 2016, at neighborhood level, municipal level and regional level
  • support and facilitating local promoters who initiate a G1000 for their community
  • moderate Platform G1000.nu as virtual and physical exchange and meeting place for everyone with an interest in a G1000
  • collect and manage knowledge and experience with a G1000 for example in the form of maintaining a research panel of participants and stakeholders in a G1000
  • stimulate research and actively sharing results
  • by further development of the instrument G1000

The Foundation has a production team of professionals with experience in organizing a G1000 in a manner consistent with the underlying principles and with a passion for dialogue.

The foundation is supported by a number of ambassadors and a focus group of representatives from local government. Several partners have shown interest in the activities of the foundation. A partnership with scientists from six universities is established. Within two years, the foundation hopes these researchers will publish a number of significant publications on the subject and this way help further development of the methodology.