The essence of a G1000

A G1000 is a physical meeting of members of a community, who mutually define through dialogue what they think is important for their community. The dialogue is based on an open conversation in which all participants participate on an equal basis. In the dialogue, the quest for common ground is central. Participants are autonomous and choose the topics together, work them out and make a selection from the suggested solutions. Finally, they take the challenge to get started with the proposed outcomes. All members of the community have an equal opportunity to participate in the G1000. The whole ‘system’ is represented in the audience: citizens, employers, government and ‘free minds’. The following  values are defined in each G1000:

Equal Access, Autonomy, Equality, Openness, Communality, Responsibility.

To achieve a good result based on these values at the end of the day a carefully designed structure of the program and professional support are required. The above mentioned basic values are reflected in the organization of a G1000 in six pillars:

Drawing of lots - to provide each member of the community an equal opportunity to participate in the dialogue

Dialogue - to make room for what insights the participants share and appreciate together and thus binds the community

Whole system - all key stakeholders of a community  participate in the dialogue to ensure co-ownership of the results

Own agenda - Participants define the agenda together and see it as theirs

Transparent choices - the participants own the result and how throughout the day it comes about

Secure - through the use of qualified leadership and a careful program at any time the space for open dialogue and maintaining the values and rules is guaranteed for all participants, creating a safe and secure environment.