The essence of a G1000

A G1000 is a physical meeting of members of a community, who mutually define through dialogue what they think is important for their community. The dialogue is based on an open conversation in which all participants participate on an equal basis. In the dialogue, the quest for common ground is central. Participants are autonomous and choose the topics together, work them out and make a selection from the suggested solutions.

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Our dream

It is our dream that one day G1000 is a regular event in all municipalities of the Netherlands. Once in every 2 years, a meeting of 1000 people from the community: citizens, drawn by lots, employers, government officials, politicians and free spirits.

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G1000, The movie

Contact us

Harm van DijkE harm@g1000.nu

Jerphaas DonnerE jerphaas@g1000.nu


"Everyone has the right to experience a G1000!" This statement was one of the results of the G1000 Amersfoort, March 22, 2014. That's exactly where G1000.nu aims to go: In every municipality in the Netherlands, a regular meeting of a large group citizens, drawn by lots, who formulate guiding statements on important matters for their own community: G1000.nu is intended for anyone who wishes to contribute, discuss organize or promote G1000.

Thanks for your interest in G1000! You can also join us and share information!

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